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Personal branding is about deciding to take an challenge in the direction of my life. By creating a personal brand it allows you to discover your strengths and weakness. Gain expertise in the direction you decide your brand would take and make the most of what you've got to offer.

  • Focus Areas

    • Brand Story
    • Brand Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Social Media
  • Touch Points

    • Mobile Application
    • Wesbites
    • Social Media
  • Type

    • Feb 2019

Problem Statements

  • Discover my strengths and offering as a designer

    The main objective identify my best characteristics and ensuring to build on my brand on my strengths, expertise and hence make a emotional connection with my brand

  • Why should people choose me over other as a brand?

    Building a credibility through a visual showacase of my work and though process, living by the personal brand promises ensures to keep it authentic and honest.

  • 60%

    Consumers feel more positive about a brand after consuming content from it.

  • 83%

    Say seamless experienace across devices are very important to them

  • 79%

    People who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site


What inspired me?

3 Pillar Design

Inspired from the 5 senses design, its a way to quantify what matters to human beings being complimentory to our existing research and design pratices.

“Our senses define our experiences”

As a designer, Rather then creating meaningless digital interactions, being able to support people to live a greater portion of life in the real world with help of technology. Designers should focus on screen time minimization by actively engaging in solving real human problems. The interface, whether invisible or completely in your face, is to end a problem for them.

  • 01


    It is first about defining the human objective then the process of designing an experience that enables objective to be fulfilled effectively.

  • 02


    Beyond value, great experiences should be memorable and create a significant impact. Designing an experience that quanitfies achievement of the outcome.

  • 03


    It is all about making the experience of attaining the objectives more fun. Entertaining our senses and filling us with a rush of endorphins rather then dose of addictive dopamines.

Saul bass said -

Design is thinking made visual.



When different perspectives come together through the funnel to build a product or a service for a specific target of users.



  • swatch-1
    79D3CC B7FA82
  • swatch-2
    FFC1C7 F38DFF
  • swatch-3
    CC3BDE 5E2ED0
  • swatch-4
    4113A5 9C65F6
  • Type


  • Primary Font Aa


    Rozha One Latin
  • Secondary font Aa


    IBM Plex Sans
  • Secondary Language Rozha One Devanagari
  • pb-sight Sight - See my work
  • pb-touch Smell - Latest Work
  • pb-taste Taste - Personal Branding
  • pb-smell Touch - About Me
  • pb-sound Hear - Contact us

brand touchpoints

Online and offline presence of our brand increases the credibility and also generate awareness amoung others in the design industry, also in terms of business leads


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